Firearm Policy for Becker Bible Ministries, Inc. and Becker Professional Theology Academy

The Board of Directors for Becker Bible Ministries, Inc. have approved the following firearms policy for Becker Bible Ministries which was ratified at their annual meeting in January 2016.

We fully support the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution, and encourage all able Americans and Becker Bible Ministries, Inc. and Becker Professional Theology Academy employees, contractors and volunteers to arm themselves with weapons able to protect their family and themselves from the loss of life, limbs, property and freedom given to them inherently by their status as free human beings with inalienable rights, and by their government through its laws.

However, this expression of approved gun policy is not fully applicable to Becker ordained or endorsed Pastors and Chaplains. We fervently believe that Pastors and Chaplains must put down their guns, and arm themselves with the Word of God. All Pastors and Chaplains must not be armed with firearms, either publicly or privately or carry a weapon upon their person or within their reach while they are conducting their ministries under our licensing.

There is a legitimate standard of bearing arms, including concealed, for off-duty Pastors and Chaplains in the exercise of their own 2nd Amendment rights, and we do not ask them to give these rights up as free American citizens. However, the carrying, possessing, or using firearms or weapons by Becker ordained Pastors or Becker endorsed Chaplains in the performance of their official duties or while displaying distinctive emblems, efforts, and works of the ministerial or chaplaincy offices is strictly forbidden.

We acknowledge that there are times and places where ministry efforts and congregations of believers might create situations where those with wicked intentions might disrupt the ministry through the use of violence during the ministry efforts of our Pastors and Chaplains. We authorize the use of bodyguards and armed personnel to ensure the safety of our Pastors and Chaplains in the same regard as the United States military and their designated use of "Chaplain Assistants" to follow their assigned leaders with their protection forefront to the assistants' duties.

All occasions where weapons are officially planned for the protection of our employees or the general public must first receive approval by Becker administration. Approval for firearms bearing of appropriate employees will be weighed upon the possible threats and the skill and training of the weapons handler designations. The use of concealed firearms or the carrying of weapons in the midst of congregations will be decided during this authorization process.