Goals toward establishing Becker Professional Theology Academy

The first twelve goals will give you an idea of our specific effort to establish new theology that offers hope and inclusion rather than boredom and rejection:

  1. Establish a brand new theological field called Professional Theology based upon conservative ideas, and the inerrant Word of God

  2. Form Becker Professional Theology Academy as the training Seminary for Professional Theologists

  3. Create a Masters of Divinity Program that is 120 hrs of study, instead of 90

  4. Ordain all qualified Professional Theologists, including women, divorced, minorities, and those normally rejected by traditional conservative churches (who have been called by God)

  5. Endorse Chaplains for the military and federal government that includes women, divorced, minorities, and those normally rejected by traditional churches (who have been called by God)

  6. Form a vast network of our graduates on the Internet that guide seekers from every level of belief, and provide full religious services to the marketplace

  7. Train disabled folks (who have been called by God) through VA rehabilitation

  8. Do religion in a different way that provides inclusiveness instead of rejection, support rather than pews, and teachings about God instead of potlucks and drums.

  9. Establish a professional organization in the field to connect Professional Theologists and keep our efforts moving with spiritual growth

  10. Establish guidelines and rules governing behaviors and looks for our graduates, including special "something" to mark their profession and make it readily recognizable and separate from traditional religious leaders

  11. Reward Professional Theologists with extra training and encouragement to develop a deeper interpretation of the Word of God as He guides