Where do Becker Professional Theology Academy Professors, Instructors, Course Developers and Students Originate?

Our students will come from diverse backgrounds all over the world. Many of our payroll Professors, Instructors, Course Developers, and Teachers will come from our students as they matriculate and meet the stringent requirements of the awarded degree, commission, and endorsement of Professional Theologists and accepted for employment as Christian leaders.

Professional Theology is a field that is open to many categories of people that are usually dissuaded, prohibited, or denied to fully participate as called Christian leadership. There are many, many women called by God to take leadership positions in religious places that are currently denied that possibility by conservative religious organizations. Professional Theology is open to women leadership that God has chosen to do His Work as leaders. We will make a concentrated effort to make called women aware of God's opportunities to be endorsed as conservative female chaplains and given the ability to serve in the military, federal offices, and state governments for the first time.

God calls people to Christian leadership that often do not meet the criteria of conservative religious placement. For instance, when Christians are divorced, many conservative Christians reject leadership from the fallen. Yet, God continues to call many with pasts that conflict with traditional religious criteria. Becker Professional Theology Academy will train Christian leaders from all places in life. The high standards of our program, as well as our culling of those not called by God to this demanding work, are in place to ensure the highest quality of Christian leaders for appointment to our ranks.

Some of our teachers will be home-bound; some might be stay-at-home mothers who dedicate the quiet times of their lives when their families are at rest, to lead others on Christ's path in dynamic and powerful ways through the opportunities bestowed upon them as Professional Theologists. Many, we hope, will be disabled veterans who have an opportunity to do ministry for God in this new venture. It doesn't take mobility to be a Professional Theologist; it only takes a calling, a training, and a computer to do a great ministry that produces many fruits for the Lord.

Some of our instructors will have histories of great sin in their past paths. Others will have suffered victimization as children and require counseling and healing before their education as Professional Theologists can begin. God chooses the Christian leaders, and we create programs to help them grow to become Professional Theologists according to His will.

We are committed to doing things differently in Becker Professional Theology Academy. Our vision will one day be realized when all people seeking the Lord Jesus Christ will have opportunity to learn about God and His inerrant Word without exclusion, threat, rejection, ridicule, or judgment through the leadership of Professional Theologists trained to guide chosen sinners toward personal spiritual relationships, lives, and works directed by Him. That is the vision God gave us to begin this program, and our eyes are always on that goal. And that is why many of our instructors will come from the marketplaces that are often crowded, lonely, scary, sinful, rejecting, dirty, and harsh. God will raise them up to be great leaders, leading many to ministry that are called, but rejected, by traditional religious gatherings. It is through the tough lives of many that this Academy is built upon, as God raises them up with a strong education based upon His Word as foundation, and strong scholarship support.

Becker Professional Theology Academy needs your support from the beginning. Pass the word through the marketplaces that God is raising up Christian leadership that is vital to spreading His teachings amongst seeking Christians who are unchurched. Can you recommend qualified candidates? Can you support our initial efforts with financial donations? Can you pray for us to establish this Academy perfectly in order for God's will to be fully represented in our fruits?

I pray for your timely support, and thank you in advance for expressing confidence in our efforts through your generous donations of money, time, publicity, and support.