What is the Tuition for Becker Professional Theology Academy?

Many of our studies will be free, at least to casual users and seekers of learning the things of God without intentions toward receiving credentials, degrees, or licensing. Authors and Teachers with Becker Bible Studies have been delivering Bible studies and Bible training free of charge for over ten years; why start charging now? As always, we will accept donations and tithes to help support our effort; and we rely solely upon God to direct the needed funds our way.

For those students chosen by God to receive formal training and credentials as Professional Theologists, there will be tuition charges to support the efforts of faculty to fully train and certify your learning. Though many of the free classes and tuition classes are in the same format, additional activities of deep learning are offered tuition students with faculty feedback and instruction.

Becker Professional Theology Academy combines classes from traditional undergraduate colleges and leading Seminaries throughout the United States. We strongly believe that more focus upon the learnings of students must be placed upon strong spiritual training to develop Christian leadership from the beginning of higher education to the mastery of Divinity. Thus, many undergraduate subjects that are traditionally taught at non-secular schools, are developed with the teachings about the things of God laced liberally throughout their presentations. Every subject, every course taught at Becker Professional Theology Academy gives deep insight, develops accountability and responsibility toward the representation of God and His Word, and makes connections of ideas that normally are not expressed in common, secular teachings. As the undergraduate students grow in learning, they move toward harder and deeper classes without a visible division between undergraduate and Seminary studies.

Traditionally, higher education is not affordable to most, unless tuition funds can be borrowed; there is a tremendous burden placed upon all degree-seeking students in most colleges today, as graduates are faced with thousands of dollars of debt. This debt clouds the possibilities of graduates, and demands too much time and effort away from the important tasks.

The Board of Directors of Becker Bible Ministries, Inc. and Becker Professional Theology Academy have committed to pricing courses with a serious commitment to keeping costs down. It is our hope that we can educate new Professional Theologists, ordain Pastors, and endorse Chaplains that are not burdened by debt common amongst most higher education institutions. We have also an expressed desire to award those that begin their journey with us from the very beginning.

The following Course Costs will be charged all students that begin enrollment with us, and continue study with at least three courses a year:

$125.00 per credit hour will be charged for those joining us in 2017. Further, those that enroll in 2017 will be guaranteed this low cost forever with Becker Professional Theology Academy. New students will receive a certificate with this guarantee that promises to keep that cost throughout the students’ educational journey with us, regardless of how much tuition costs are raised.

Though we will try our hardest to keep tuition costs down always, we cannot raise and establish the works of training Professional Theologists nor attract the best teachers God has prepared for the job with this low rate. We suspect that when the Academy is fully opened, that the tuition costs might raise as much as $50.00 more a credit hour by next year, with a slow, but steady rise that eventually could reach $250.00 a credit hour. Since most of our courses are 3 hours, the lowest rate of $125.00 equals $375.00 per course, which is much less than the $750.00 per course that will most likely be charged in the future. Now is the time to seal the course costs in to guarantee the lowest of rates as long as you are an active student at Becker Professional Theology Academy.