What sort of accreditation will Becker Professional Theology Academy hold?

Though we believe that Professional Theologists will be taking classes the entire time they are doing ministry in the world because of the very nature of quick culture changes, and thus a higher degree may not be as needed in this field as much as another, we do intend to seek accreditation for higher distance learning. Accreditation is a process where an institution seeks approval from a recognized organization that issues accreditation credentials after full examination to ensure compliance with their requirements. There are both "recognized" and "unrecognized" higher education accreditation organizations, and it is our intent to meet the rigorous standards of a federally recognized accreditation organization.

But, students must be aware that any accreditation awards will come only after Becker Professional Theology Academy has proven to the accreditation organization that we provide quality instruction to our students and that our Academy meets all professional standards set forth in their formalized expectations. We have found no accreditation organization that will grant that award until at least two years have been observable by that organization, and enough students have gone through the programs to offer testimony to the quality and consistency of training.

Accreditation is a big deal. As our curriculum developers write the different class offerings, they are first consulting the top accreditation organizations for higher learning to ensure they meet those expectations right from the beginning. So students taking courses from the beginning will be receiving the same quality education as those two years from now.

Currently, we are working toward accreditation through the U.S. Office of Education with an approved distance education authority (unnamed at this time per their requirements) and will consult their strict criteria in approving schools for accreditation. Accreditation cannot even begin consideration until two years after the first student is enrolled. This national accreditation will allow for FAFSA and is approved for military classes, as well as make most credit hours transferable to other colleges.

What does non-accreditation status mean for our first students? The first trailblazers will quickly learn that our classes are equal to any other higher education classes offered in brick-and-mortar schools and in online classes. Professional Theology is a brand new field, and Becker Professional Theology Academy is developing a top-rate program from the ground up. We look forward to the day that we can present our Academy to the accreditation board. The good news for delayed accreditation is this: Our program is set up in such a way, that students do not have to graduate to begin their works for God with top-level skills and knowledge. A formalized, accredited degree in in their hands will not change many of the things they are able to do without accreditation. It is the nature of the field of Professional Theology that it must be nurtured through skill developments as the world turns, which means, classes continue on after the work for God begins.