OPEN! OPEN! OPEN! Applications now being taken for Spring 2018 Classes!

How to Apply to Becker Professional Theology Academy

1. Application. (A non-refundable fee of $35.00 must be paid with submission of application)

2. Transcripts - Send transcripts from colleges and universities where over twelve-credit hours was earned.

3. Character References - Send email address of three non-relatives; one must be a Christian Leader, another from a Social Activist or Community-Minded Volunteer, and finally one from a Friend that knows you well.

4. English Sufficiency - TOEFL scores must be submitted by those not speaking English as a native language.

5. Background Check BPTA not only teaches the things of God in our Academy; we also ordain Pastors and endorse Chaplains upon graduation. This requires a background check, with fingerprints, to be accomplished, in order to receive these approvals. It is best to submit the background check early, then supplant it with an update at the time of graduation at the request for the reward of ordination and endorsement. Early submission allows us to resolve any problems as well as identify those that would be unable to obtain ordination.($175.00 must be paid with this submission for background checking).

6. Personal Writing - Applicants are evaluated on maturity of faith, references of character, leadership skills, spiritual commitment, writing skills and the call of God. This personal writing should be written as a college-level document with proper citation, perfect construction, and grammar. It is acceptable and expected for this to be written in the first person; using the personal "I" is allowed. It should share and reflect on the evaluation goals, and offer proof or explanation of each. The paper must also include a section that explains any problems conceived by the student that would hinder the full reward of graduation, ordination or endorsement. The more detailed the personal writing, the more potential for favorable evaluation exists. The topics of the essay will be mailed to applicants at the time their applications are accepted.